Jill’s Journey with Agriculture

If you’ve been to the IQhub, then you know there’s a special spot called the Kids’ Korner, which has a wonderful reading nook. Even though the IQhub is closed right now, we hope you all are continuing to read and learn at home!!! If you’re feeling like you’ve read all the books at your house and are looking for something new, join us for “Jill’s Journey with Agriculture”.  There’s bound to be some fun and interesting books for the whole family to enjoy!!! (Find all the stories from “Jill’s Journey with Agriculture” on our YouTube Channel… Search for IQhub)


  • Old MacDonald Had a Farm (1966) – A Golden Shape Book by Golden Press & Illustrated by Mel Crawford


  • A Horse for Johnny (1952) – Written by Charlotte Bookman & Illustrated by William Moyers


  • Curious George Apple Harvest (2012) – Written by Lynne Polvino, Margret Rey and H.A. Rey & Published by HMH Books for Young Readers


  • My Chickens Lay Eggs (2018) – Written & Illustrated by Sherry Crelin


Here’s Jill’s story:

I did not grow up on a traditional farm, but my Dad’s parents lived across the field on a farm.  Grandpa Cook was a dairy farmer most of his life and hauled milk too.  My dad also had dairy cattle and hauled milk when my parents first got married.  Later on he had a feed grinding mill in which he went to farms to grind feed and add nutrients like molasses for the cattle.  He then was a seed salesman for many seed companies.  I did grow up in the country and we had a few cows we raised for meat.  Dad had about 28 acres that we raised mostly corn and alfalfa on.  We always had a large garden and my mother put up lots of fruits and vegetables, which we all helped with.  I also sold Rudy Patrick garden seeds, when I was young.  I would call and take orders on the phone and then deliver to my customers on my bike around the neighborhood.  So I was always involved in some kind of Agriculture.  In 1979, I married Troy Bancroft and in 1983 he began working with my father to create Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers, which is now known as AgroLiquid.  I have also enjoyed growing flowers all of my adult life and cannot imagine not gardening, which we are now teaching to our grandchildren.

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  • The IQhub is currently closed and is hoping to reopen on August 3rd.  We are looking forward to seeing you then!

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