Exhibits & Lessons

Come See Our 24 Museum Quality Exhibits

The IQhub is a one-of-a-kind facility that teaches visitors about agriculture and the environment, through hands-on interactive exhibits.   It is open to the public, for self-guided tours or groups can schedule a specific programs for their learning needs.


Learn with Us Online

The IQhub offers some of the exhibits and lessons to our fans, so they can have some  self-guided learning experiences at home.  Please keep checking back for new featured exhibits.

Exhibit Exploration

Come learn about all the exhibits on display at the IQhub.  Then enjoy the activities that go along with each exhibit.

Squanto’s Gift Exhibit & The Three Sisters Activity

Squanto’s Gift is the first virtual learning experience for our series, Exhibit Exploration.  Here you will learn about Squanto’s role with the pilgrims and how the Thanksgiving Tradition began.  Then you can read the story about the Three Sisters, which is a Native American Legend and do a family gardening activity.

Hopkin’s Patent & Forestry Activities

This is the second exhibit featured in the IQhub! Potassium is another important nutrient for plants and it was discovered from boiling wood ash. Come learn about the first patent in the USA and see some fun forestry activities. Your whole family will enjoy getting outside and learning in nature!!!

Phosphate from Bones & Bonfire Dinners

This is the third exhibit featured in the IQhub! Phosphorus is an important nutrient for plants and it was discovered that you can find it in animal bones. Come learn about “Bone Fires” and how to make bonfire dinners. It’s bound to be fun for the whole family!!!

The History of Tillage & “John Deere, That’s Who!” 

The History of Tillage is the fourth virtual learning experience for our series, Exhibit Exploration.  Here you will learn about what the beginning plows used to me made of and how livestock helped worked the fields. Then it moves on to talk about new materials, technology and methods to make sure the fields are ready for planting. This exhibit pairs well with the featured book “John Deere, That’s Who!” from the Jill’s Journey with Agriculture playlist!

Apples to Zucchini & “Curious George Apple Harvest” 

Apples to Zucchini is the fifth virtual learning experience for our series, Exhibit Exploration.  Here you will learn about all about the wonderful horticulture and floriculture products grown in Michigan. We are in the top five for a big list of these things!  This exhibit pairs well with the featured book “Curious George Apple Harvest” from the Jill’s Journey with Agriculture playlist!

IQhub Lessons

Here are some of the favorite lessons for our IQhub Visitors.  Check back to see more lessons in the future.

Farm to Fork Lesson with Plant Activities & Butter Activity

The Farm to Fork Lesson is a great way to show students how plants, animals and humans are all connected to each other.  This lesson, along with the activities, keeps students engaged and helps them realize how important hard work and keeping the plants/ animals healthy is very important to everyone!  Butter making is a favorite part for a lot of students!

Vermicomposting Lesson & Dirt Cup Activity

Vermicomposting is a fun way for people to compost their food waste using worms.  This lesson show students why it’s important to make smart decisions and how they can positively impact the environment.  Students learn about soil types, why composting is important and how to make their own vermicomposting bin.  The favorite part of the lesson is the edible compost bins, that students create!

Ag Careers Lesson & Soil Activity

Michigan has the 2nd most diverse Agriculture Industry in the nation!  This lesson shows students a few careers they might not think about, when an Ag Career comes to mind, along with a few common ones too.  Students then will learn about the layers in soil, how to make a soil jar and how to use a soil texture triangle.  This will show students how they can find out the type of soil by their house!  Also, students will see that doing soil samples and determining the soil types, is a fun part of being a Soil Scientist.  Learning about soil and making a soil jar, can be done by all grade levels!

Virtual Tours

Come along with the IQhub and explore various components of the Agriculture Industry.  These tours will help showcase careers and real-world applications for the various topics.

High Density Apple Orchard (North Central Research Station – Farm 8)

People love to visit their favorite Apple Orchard and participate in all the fun activities that go along with it.  However, not everyone gets the opportunity to see what all goes into keeping an orchard healthy and ensuring a successful apple harvest.  Come along with Ernie, as he shows what’s happening at the NCRS High Density Apple Orchard or Farm 8.