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Annual Non-Profit Report

The IQhub is a non-profit organization that specializes in agricultural and environmental education, as well as many other outreach events!

IQhub Annual Report 2021-22

Meet the IQhub Staff

Sue Kadlek is the Nonprofit Administrator for the IQhub. She attended Lansing Community College and has over 22 years of nonprofit management experience. She has served on numerous community boards and committees. Sue is a graduate of the Leadership Shiawassee Program, Class of 2000. In 2009, Sue became a co-director of the Leadership Program, facilitating 12 years of leadership training. She joined the IQhub team in January 2021.

Sue grew up on a 1200 acre farm in northwestern Shiawassee County where her family grew mainly peppermint and spearmint as well as corn, beans and wheat. Today, in her spare time, Sue loves to be outdoors with family and friends at their property near Gaylord. She enjoys boating in the summer and snowmobiling in the winter.

Emily Crambell is the Education and Outreach Manager for the IQhub. She has her Master’s Degree in Science, focusing on Agriscience and Natural Resources and 11 years of classroom teaching experience, with Middle School and High School Students. Emily is a highly qualified teacher and helps create lessons/ programs that tie into the science curriculum, for teachers that bring classes to visit the IQhub. She joined the IQhub Team in September 2016 and now enjoys working with all grade levels of students, from Preschool through College.

Emily grew up in Byron Schools, being very active in sports, FFA and 4-H.  This led her to a passion for Agriscience and Natural Resources Education and working with students, where she then earned her degrees at Michigan State University.  In Emily’s spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends or riding horses and roller skating.

Emily Crambell teaching a classroom full of young students

Sheri Menard is the IQhub Education Assistant.  Sheri worked for St Johns Public Schools (SJPS) for nearly 13 years before coming to the IQhub. In her role at SJPS, she was a Behavioral Support Specialist working with students who struggled with behavioral, academic or emotional issues. At the IQhub, Sheri’s key responsibilities  are to assist with group tours and activities, and to serve as a guide and facilitator to both the IQhub and Kids Korner.

Sheri is a graduate of Fowler High School and attended Lansing Community College and Oakland University. Sheri and her husband, Michael, live in St Johns and have two children in college. In her spare time, Sheri enjoys walking and mathematical puzzles.