Jill’s Journey with Agriculture

Here’s Jill’s story:

I did not grow up on a traditional farm, but my Dad’s parents lived across the field on a farm.  Grandpa Cook was a dairy farmer most of his life and hauled milk too.  My dad also had dairy cattle and hauled milk when my parents first got married.  Later on he had a feed grinding mill in which he went to farms to grind feed and add nutrients like molasses for the cattle.  He then was a seed salesman for many seed companies.  I did grow up in the country and we had a few cows we raised for meat.  Dad had about 28 acres that we raised mostly corn and alfalfa on.  We always had a large garden and my mother put up lots of fruits and vegetables, which we all helped with.  I also sold Rudy Patrick garden seeds, when I was young.  I would call and take orders on the phone and then deliver to my customers on my bike around the neighborhood.  So I was always involved in some kind of Agriculture.

In 1979, I married Troy Bancroft and in 1983 he began working with my father to create Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers, which is now known as AgroLiquid.  I have also enjoyed growing flowers all of my adult life and cannot imagine not gardening, which we are now teaching to our grandchildren.

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