Message from the IQhub

Hello and Thank You for your Interest in the IQhub!!!
Here’s a little insight about who we are and where we’re going…

Who We Are:

 The IQhub is the culmination of the Bancroft Family’s vision.  They wanted to develop a facility where young and old could bridge the gap between consumers and producers.  This helps people realize the challenges of feeding a world that will be home to more than nine billion people, by the year of 2050!  According to AgroLiquid CEO, Troy Bancroft, “We are borrowing this land from our grandchildren.  To ensure our future, we must embrace sustainable practices to provide a safe and abundant food supply for generations to come.”

The IQhub is an educational center for agricultural history, innovation and exploration.  This 9,500 square foot facility was completed in June, 2014 and was created to educate visitors on how farmers produce food and fiber, while exploring our foods route from farm to fork.  The IQhub is filled with educational and interactive exhibits, which will take guests through the history of agriculture.  Children and adults will enjoy exploring the 24 interactive museum quality exhibits, while the youngest visitors can investigate the Kids’ Korner… This is where; even the smallest children can learn where their food comes from.

The IQhub became a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, in 2015.  Operations are funded solely on sponsorships, donations and grants from community and business partners. The IQhub has no admission charge and transportation grants are available to reimburse schools and other non-profit organizations in order to provide no cost field trips.

Thousands of people enjoy the IQhub each year, through in-person visits and outreach programs.  On average, the IQhub works with more than 10,000 people during each school year.  However, from March 16th, 2020 through May 3rd, 2021 the IQhub was closed to in-person visits.  The closure had a large impact on the number of people the IQhub would normally educate, but luckily they were able to use this time to create and deliver Virtual Programs.  This allowed over 2,000 students to continue their learning with these fun lessons and activities.  Also, the IQhub used their YouTube channel and various other social media platforms to bring over 50 books into the homes of the IQhub Fans, which allowed the opportunity to connect with even more people and helped promote Ag Literacy.  Though the closure was not easy, it did allow the IQhub time to create new lessons and activities, make videos featuring our exhibits and lessons, upgrade permanent exhibits, convert our tractor simulator to a format to send to schools to experience, discuss plans for a new IQhub Classroom and work on expanding our IQhub Team, with hiring a Non-Profit Administrator.


Where We’re Going:

 The IQhub is excited for the possibilities of the future!!!  There are plans for new exhibits, new programs and hopefully a new classroom coming soon.  This means even more awesome learning opportunities and fun events for the whole family!

Currently the IQhub is scheduling FREE Science Programs for schools and groups in the 2021-22 School Year!   Whether it’s in-person or virtual, please contact the IQhub today, if you are interested in joining too!

We look forward to working with you soon!!!

The IQhub Staff
(989) 227-3847