Aviation Exploration Day – Sept 7!

Hear all about it here: Emily Crambell’s interview on Aviation Exploration Day and the IQhub

ST JOHNS – The IQhub, a learning center that features agricultural history and innovation, is hosting an Aviation Exploration Day.

On September 7 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Aviation Exploration Day will offer creative air and space activities for families.

Children are invited to enter a rocket launching contest. Visit the IQhub before September 7 and buy a rocket kit for $10. Then build, decorate, and return with your rocket to compete in the launch.

Children can also fly RC planes, create and fly paper airplanes, and enjoy a hot air balloon display. They are also invited to experience a mobile planetarium, featuring three Milky Way shows. There will be an aerial spraying demonstration and paragliders. Critters that fly, courtesy of Potter Park, are also scheduled to appear.

Everyone is welcome to tour the IQhub’s guest exhibit, Aviation Exploration, to climb in a real plane cockpit, read the stories of local aviation history, and see the models and displays. The IQhub is featuring a variety of planes, models, and exhibits thanks to donations from the Saginaw Valley Air Museum, Michigan Heroes Museum, and several community members.
Aviation Exploration Day will also give you the chance to win prizes like a flight lesson, plane rides, Yankee Air Museum tickets, and more.

“We’ve really enjoyed hosting the aviation exhibit, and we’re really excited to share this day with families,” said Emily Crambell, IQhub Education & Outreach Manager. “There’s just something about flying that fascinates people! We’re looking forward to sharing this day with the community.”

The IQhub is a non-profit organization that operates on donations and grants, so there is no admission fee. Donations appreciated. The IQhub is located at 1130 South Dewitt Rd, St Johns, inside AgroLiquid headquarters. iqhubag.org, 989.227.3847.